Wednesday, August 10, 2011

good day sunshine

A moth hovers around a kerosene lamp inebriated by its lambent glow. Maureen and me ‘cheer’ to the wonderful events of the past week- the Cabernet from South Africa is tangy. I bought it today from the ‘city’ (Kisumu), where I spent last night.

As I enter the house after a day and a half, Maureen runs to give me a warm hug and laments, ’I lonely in the house’. I don’t have the heart to tell her that I will be leaving again on Friday for the night to pick up some things I ordered.

After yet another sumptuous meal, as I pour her a little drink, suspicious that she may not be able to handle it, she says ‘ I had red wine and red bull at the Embassy.’ After the first sip, in the usual ‘Maureen’ way, she says ‘Is good’!

It rained on Saturday morning; it is a prelude to a violent downpour in the afternoon. I dance in the rain and place buckets, one after another, under the roof gutter to collect water for a bath. Thankfully, we have 13 little buckets- trash bins for the school classrooms to be given to them this week.

John stops by in the evening with an estimate for fencing the orphanage and can’t stop smiling, ‘We Africans say rains bring good luck.’
This past week has brought a lot of smiles and laughter.
The Ploughing, Porridge parties stretched over three mornings, all ending with a delicious feast of Nyoyo and Nyoka, which we eat only after saying grace.
From tomorrow, we will use hand hoes to prepare the land for the saplings (which I hope will emerge before I leave).
Saturday evening I have the great privilege of a meeting with the village elders again. Over steaming cups of spicy Indian tea, which Maureen is proficient in making now, we discuss the progress of current projects and the new proposal- an American NGO, in collaboration with a top-rated American University, would like to set up a proof-of-concept test system in Uhundha for producing ethanol, thus providing clean fuel, fertilizer, animal feed among other things, to the community.
More smiles, laughter and thanks…

This along with the news that I made it into the Missouri Photo Workshop in September and that some of the Lake Land Youth Group boys will be traveling with me to Nairobi to meet with Shiriki, facilitated by Alison’s (AVIF founder) kind offer to fund the visit, and that a local NGO might be coming this week to survey the village to help provide clean water, calls for a celebration and we do, with fresh fish, kale, ugali- this time with some tangy red wine! So, Cheers!

p.s.: Maureen giggled herself to sleep after that glass of wine…


Justuju said...

Ethanol, hmm.. from what? Am curious.

travellingLite said...

algae cultivation and harvesting. very exciting opportunity for uhundha!