Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Adieu SF

the goodbyes gently nudge memories
out of their deep slumber
as love awakens my six senses
the crooked heart that bleeds on a sidewalk in Pacific Heights
the nakedness in the Castro of life and liberty
the soulful woes of the foghorn in the Pacific
the cacophony of heels and wheels in the Marina
the intoxicating smell of yesteryears on the Haight
and of the millennials at Blue Bottle in the Hayes
the lightness of sugary beings in the donuts on Polk Street
the unbearable weight of California Cabs in Nopa
the ethereal embrace of endless fog at Land’s End
the feathery touch of balmy sunshine in the Mission
I curl within,
feel the reverberating peace amidst Zakir’s notes at SFJazz
remember the lifeless breaths between heartfelt kisses
surrender to the six senses completely
for what is love
if not complete surrender
I hide these love children
in the innocent laughter of a toothless stranger in the Tenderloin
so I return to seek
for now,
I make space
for the new and the unexplored...

London times

sound and light.
i close my eyes.
beauty- in all forms- it reverberates.