Thursday, February 26, 2009

not enough time

there isn't but below is a list of some countries and the best times to go there (live list)

Laos - Nov and Feb
Cambodia - Dec and Jan
Thailand - Nov and Feb
Vietnam - dry (Dec to April)
Philippines - Dec to May
Sri Lanka- Dec to March
Mongolia - May to October
Bhutan - March- May
Nepal - Feb- April
Tibet - May - November

Middle East
Egypt - March to May OR September to November
Turkey - before mid-June and after Aug (late June - Sept)
Israel - April/May or Sept/Oct

Madagascar - July to August
Mali - November through January
Burkina Faso - mid-October to December
Senegal - November through February

Trinidad and Tobago - april to june or oct to dec

Central America
Guatemala - no bad time to go!

to fly away, i use one of the following

RTW tickets

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

other side of this life..

i want to collect
my thoughts
and watch them